The NY Times discusses growth hormones for short men. Being one of a somewhat limited stature (I’m 5’6″…5’7″ with spikey hair) I never knew I had it so bad. Now hand me a drink and start paying me more!

“By the simple act of striding into a room, taller than average men are accorded a host of positive attributes having little or nothing to do with height: a high IQ, talent, competence, trustworthiness, even kindness.

And men who are considerably shorter than the average American guy height of 5-foot-9 1/2? These poor little fellows are at elevated risk of dropping out of school, drinking heavily, dating sparsely, getting sick or depressed. They have a lower chance of marrying or fathering children than do taller men, and their salaries tend to be as modest as their stature. If they are out striving to make their mark, they are derided as “Little Napoleons.” Call them whatever you please, and chances are you won’t get called on it, for making fun of short men is one of the last acceptable prejudices.”

My Life in Brooklyn